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Safely Robotic Hybrid Cleaning Services

We are all feeling the pinch and getting staff is still a problem, reduce costs and alleviate staffing issues by using our commercial cleaning robots or our hybrid human/robot cleaning services.

The Phantas 

A compact 4-in-1 machine that sweeps, vacuums, scrubs, and dries! The Phantas is a small machine with a 30 cm cleaning width that literally cleans right up to edges and corners, guaranteeing complete cleanliness. 

This is a great option for areas with different flooring and can clean a huge area of around 1400 SQM.

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Industrial, commercial  and Large Area cleaning

We supply many industrial scrubbers and hoovers to clean in and outdoors for spaces up to 18,000 SQM.

Integrated scrubbing, sweeping, dust mopping and degreasing cleaning 3000 SQM an hour for increased productivity.

Our machines can even thoroughly clean oil stains!

If you would like a demonstration or more info please contact us below.

Rosie Room Cleaner

Perfectly sized and designed to clean smaller areas like bedrooms, dorms or classrooms and can clean up to 1500 sq ft per battery and she comes with three as standard.

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The Whiz

The Whiz is EASY! Working straight out of the box, Whiz automatic vacuum cleaner is easy to set up, manage and maintain. A remote notification pager alerts your cleaners if Whiz has finished a route or needs additional help.
Whiz lessens the impact of staffing gaps in the workforce, achieving up to 100% vacuum coverage, 100% of the time with the combined effort of collaborative robot and a cleaner.

Whiz reduces harmful particles on average by 53%, improving occupant wellbeing and establishing itself as a staple cobotic vacuum cleaner, perfect for almost any environment and industry.

The Whiz is conservatively a third cheaper, around 20% faster and 20% of the energy consumption of conventional vacuuming. 

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