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Safely Site Management


Improve Security & Safeguarding 

Ensuring the safeguarding of pupils is the most important thing for any school. With InVentry, you can have peace of mind by knowing who is on-site at any given time. With many features such as fire evacuation roll call, health features and visitor management – InVentry has you covered. Our Anywhere App also gives you the power of InVentry at the palm of your hands, control fire evacuations, school trips and pupil dietary requirements all from your smart device.

Know when pupils are late or leaving early with a full read and write back integration with your MIS. Data can be stored on-premise and via the InVentry cloud, so you have access, anywhere, any time.

The InVentry system is designed with both GDPR and safeguarding in mind. Our sign in software, applications and equipment have been developed to be the most reliable on the market. Get in touch for a demonstration.

Easy Roll Call with InVentry Anywhere

In the event of a drill or fire evacuation, the InVentry Anywhere app allows you to access a real-time copy of everyone who is onsite from any mobile device.

The information is pulled directly from your main InVentry system. The evacuation management software can be opened on as many devices as needed, at multiple emergency muster points, and will sync in real-time when connected to the internet. This enables leading staff members to have an accurate log of who is present and has been checked off, even displaying photos for ease of use.

You can also print an up-to-the-minute list of who is on-site directly from your InVentry evacuation management system, enabling you to manually check off staff, visitors, and students or contractors.


MAT Cloud Management

InVentry Central allows MATs to easily sign staff members out of their previous location automatically, based on where they are signed in. It also allows you to send DBS checks between sites to ensure any visitors or contractors are allowed on-site everywhere within the trust.

Each school can customize their system but still be centrally managed and monitored from HQ.

With unlimited MIS integrations, the ability to pre-book large groups of visitors and allow staff to roam freely between sites in the MAT, InVentry is the perfect solution for any Multi Academy Trust. 

Link to Paxton

Inventry can link to Paxton seamlessly.

We can also update and install Paxton door access systems, fences, automated gates and Printed cards.

When integrating InVentry and Paxton, you get the top level of security, without the need for a security guard on the door! InVentry provides you with staff ID badges or pre-booked visitors invitations, which then joint with Paxton, means the only people with access to the building are meant to be there!

We are Gold Registered Installers of Paxton, which means that we can come along and install a full Net2 system in your building. Once this is installed, all it takes is the swipe of a card to operate the system.

Not only can you know who is on-site with InVentry, you can control what areas they have access to! With our QuickScan touches, you can allow certain staff members and visitors to have access to different parts of your building! Secure & simple.

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