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Energy Security

Classroom Management

Our best in management systems can give your teachers the control to teach from anywhere and has been a great tool for teaching at and from home. Our CM solutions give teachers the  control of the class, helps to keep them safe and on task.Some of the benefits include:

  • Allow/Restrict Apps

  • Password Reset

  • Live chat

  • Send files

  • Mute Sound

  • Close tabs

  • Pin and control groups

  • Google classroom sync

  • Disable internet

  • Ask questions

  • Lock screen

Energy Safe?

Our team of qualified experts can provide you with a comprehensive energy audit to help your business reduce costs and increase efficiency. Our audit will identify areas in need of improvement and compile a detailed report on energy efficiency, allowing you to make informed decisions about how to best utilize what you have and make improvements where possible. If you would like an audit please get in touch.

Light with Cobwebs

Led Lighting

Led lights are up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent tube lighting. A school is usually spending at least 40% of its energy cost on Lighting, reduce this today by changing to LED by using a Salix loan.

Laptops, IPads, connectivity and More

We package our software services together so MAT's can send out devices ready to use to remote sites.

We have education discounts for;

  • Laptops/Ipads

  • Internet connectivity/broadband & wifi

  • Phoptocopiers/Printers

  • Phone Systems

  • IT Support

Young Programmer
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